Marine logistics services...

In the realm of ship spares logistics, Sanmac stands as a seasoned specialist with a proven track record.

We combine global capabilities and local knowledge based services. And offers personalised service and operational excellence with our expertise in transportation, wahrehosing, Consolidation, distributribution, port services , onboard delivery around the globe.

Moreover, if your cargo extends beyond marine components, rest assured that Sanmac is well-versed in diverse logistics needs. Whether it's electronics, pharmaceuticals, or seafood, our extensive range of services ensures your shipments are handled with expertise and care.

We help you overcome insurmountable deliveries

owes much of its success to its ability to offer a full suite of shipping services to accommodate the different needs and requirements of its clients.

Marine Logistics Services

Transportation, Warehousing, consolidating and delivering on time and scpecific location, including vessels or airports or seaports

Port Services

Customs Brokerage, Permits, supply boat arrangements, disposal services

Efficient Cost effective solutions

Expert operations and service team is dedicated for cost effective solutions

International Routing

Path optimisation, cost effective routing

Odd-Sized Cargoes

Specialised in Odd Sized cargoes, break bulk with police escortmovement islandwide.

Project based Custom Logistics Services

Dedicated team for Project Management